Far Cry: Primal Review Round-Up


With Ubisoft’s highly acclaimed Far Cry series’ latest iteration Far Cry: Primal set for release tomorrow on the next-gen consoles and its review embargo lifted already, we thought that it would be a good idea to take a closer look at everything that the reviews have to offer to let you, the readers take the informed decision. So here is a variety of reviews with their scores ranging as low as 6/10 to as high as 90/100. And be sure to drop in a comment on your thoughts about the game so far.

Gadgets 360 – Rating (out of 10): 9

“As you progress through the game, you can craft rudimentary bombs and train all manner of beasts such as jaguars and sabre-toothed tigers to fight by your side, allowing for options beyond the ordinary. You’ll lure predators like wolves with bait, and hold down a button to win their loyalty. Each type of animal comes with a unique skill set, for example, canines are great explorers and gatherers, felines are good for stealthily sneaking up on foes, while ursines are a solid option for out and out attack. It adds a layer of strategy and depth to the game, giving you more choices as you plan your approach. This is an interesting system that works as it should, making up for the lack of weaponry in the game. There’s enough variety and polish to keep things fresh even late into the game.”

The Jimquisition – 8.5/10

Remarks: Great
“Far Cry Primal is a great example of trying new things in a smart and relatively safe manner, demonstrating how a popular series can keep itself invigorated.
While other venerable franchises like Call of Duty are afraid to challenge themselves and make only halfhearted gestures toward invention, Primal plots a course through uncharted waters with a battle-tested vessel and actually commits to making its new ideas more than vapid window dressing.”

God Is A Geek – Score out of ten: 8.5

“The frame is familiar, but the tweaks are welcome. As well as stalwarts like the skill trees, outposts, hunting, and a map that’s bursting at the seams with icons; guns have been replaced with homemade weaponry, the world is alive more than ever before and the usage of creatures is the type of growth Far Cry needed. Melee combat will strain your index finger because it boils down to mashing buttons and the survival elements could’ve been fleshed out more, but Far Cry Primal‘s moment-to-moment gameplay is exceptional, especially when your Sabre-tooth Tiger has just helped you take down a Woolly Mammoth.”

GamingBolt – 8/10

“Building up the game’s Village not only takes members, but resources and housing. Primal isn’t just about going from one place to another and killing humans left and right. A large part is about community. Gathering and hunting resources such as rocks, sticks and animal skins are used in the building of huts within the tribe, and can also be used to build weapons and equipment when out traversing the wilderness while recruiting new tribe members, building your numbers up and resisting the onslaught of enemy control. That sounds pretty much like Far Cry, right? The thing is that this is Far Cry as the title suggests and Ubisoft never tried to hide that fact from us, and that’s just fine.”

GameSpot – Score: 8/10

Remarks: Great
“There are also powerful enemies whose excessive armor chips away at the fun. I had the best spear upgrades possible, but even at this point in the game’s late hours, these armored brutes can take almost 30 seconds to bring down. That’s not fun–that’s tedium. But then there’s the Beast Master skill tree, and it’s the most impactful change to the Far Cry formula. It allows you to tame the creatures in this ancient setting, recruiting them to hunt, fight, and travel with you. Jaguars kill enemies without alerting larger groups. Wolves pounce on distant archers while you close the gap. You can also ride bears and baby mammoths, clawing and bashing your way through groups of warriors with little resistance. You can use your owl to scout the land ahead of you, tagging more dangerous fighters and dropping makeshift grenades into groups of enemies.”

Shacknews – Score: 6/10

“Far Cry Primal is an intriguing idea on paper, but I wasn’t really sold on how Ubisoft planned to transition its annual Far Cry formula twelve thousand years into the past. Primal has the potential to be an engaging journey into the prehistoric era, and a personal story of a single man’s journey to bring his people together. Sadly that journey suffers from a critical blow to such quickly successive sequels: its promising story structure is buried beneath copy-and-paste mechanics that beg the player not to look any deeper than the same old Far Cry players have grown accustomed to since Far Cry 3 released in 2012.”

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