Dice will Introduce Few New Ways to Play Battlefield


Battlefield always gives us a promising experience and this game hopes to give us the best war experience. The multiplayer of this game is epic and one of the best. Dice still thinks they can make it better so, they will bring in some new characteristics to make this multiplayer experience more fun.

The new features are:

Now, you’re capable of creating a Squad before you really enroll into a game. Being able to link up with your acquaintances and link up in a game together makes it a much smoother experience, and helps make sure you’re able to spawn with your buddies as soon as you’re in the game.

In that respect, there are other changes as well that you’ll want to find out, like a recommendation engine to suggest maps, modes, and more, giving you a more relevant and fine-tuned experience that quickly gets you to the things you desire to get along.

maxresdefaultThis feature will roll into the market in the form of a beta in Battlefield 4. It will likewise be released with Battlefield 1 (and Battlefield Hardline soon after that). Once it’s rolled out for all three games, you’ll be capable to easily switch between the games as long as you have them. Want to jump from St. Quentin Scar in Battlefield 1 to the skyscrapers of Shanghai in Battlefield 4? It’ll be easier than ever.

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