Daredevil Season 2’s Official Trailer Just Dropped And It Was Dope!


It just feels like yesterday when Netflix’s ‘legendary’ superhero serial, namely ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ had released. Having seen Arrow lose all its grit and glamour to the ways of Felicity and CBS, a dark change was what we fans needed and Daredevil was that glimmer of hope among the crappy superhero serials that seemed to be pumped out from both sides. Having said that, we couldn’t have been more hyped about the next iteration of the series and its latest trailer just arrived and has delivered on every note it promised.

Starting off, one is mesmerized by the incredulous soundtrack that has been gifted to the serial which is just one of the many things that made it awesome. As we delve into the trailer, we get to see and understand much more of this season’s villain a.k.a The Punisher. What we know for sure as of now is that Daredevil just got way more bloodier, and while I am not too sure how good that is on one end, and I can understand is that it is The Punisher that makes Daredevil bleed. And that could just mean more action which is therefore great.


With all the hype that is surrounding the trailer and with the season having a release date already which is set to contest against another much-awaited release, namely Batman Vs Superman, what are you expecting from this year’s release in the Hell’s Kitchen? What familiar faces shall we see and what twists and plots are we waiting for? And what I personally am waiting to be seeing unravelled throughout the course is, what exactly is new found potential villain Elektra’s relation with Daredevil?

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