Cheapest VR Experience On PC Found

Cheapest VR Experience On PC Found

The next generation is VR. It’s everywhere, you may have experienced it on the oculus at some tech event, or you saw it on your super rich buddy’s dev kit, either way, VR gaming is here and it is not at all cheap. With the HTC Vive costing a hefty $799 and the Oculus not so far behind at $599 (Which will get costlier when it arrives here), plus these prices aren’t inclusive of the high end gaming PC that you have to buy to run the games. You will need a hefty graphics card to play these games at high resolutions and over 60 FPS.

Yep, we at Asidcast somehow know you have no money.

Yep, we at Asidcast somehow know you have no money.

What does the middle class kid (Whose parents probably don’t pay him cash for gaming peripherals) do? Stay out of VR gaming? NO.
So I searched quite a bit on the internet and tested a few softwares to find how to get the best VR experience in the cheapest price. And this article will show you the conclusions to my research. *Puts on Scientist Glasses*
The answer is TRINUS VR.
This is a cool software that allows you to play your PC games on your mobile in VR mode. And you can play any game on it with lower end hardware on any android phone. Here’s how it works, basically it makes two copies of the frame of the game you’re playing for your left and right eye, and transmits these frames through WiFi transfer. You phone receives the video feed and plays it side by side in a cardboard configuration.


What you need:

A PC that can play games at a low resolution of 1280 x 1024.

Google Cardboard or Equivalent VR Mobile Holder. (Make it or buy it for around Rs.500)

An Android Phone (1080p Screen Preferred)

The Trinus App (Full Version is Rs.550, Use the Trial first)

The Trinus PC Server Software (Free)

How to Setup Trinus VR:

Step 1: Start the Trinus Software on your PC and click on the I/O button in the window.

Step 2: Start the TrinusVR App in your android phone, and click the onscreen I/O button.

Step 3: Run the game of your choice in windowed mode and at a 4:3 or 5:4 aspect ratio.

Step 4: Put your phone in the Cardboard Slot and start playing!

1. Why does my game run so slow on the phone?
-Because your Wifi router is slow, so set the transmission quality of Trinus at low, and compression at max.

2. Why does my game run so slow on PC?
-Get a better PC.

3. Why do I see individual pixels of my phone?
-Your phone screen has a low pixel density, use a different phone.

The fact that this VR method is really cheap, doesn’t mean that it’s really bad. It’s a great product for people who want a more immersive experience but dont want to shell over too much money for it. It plays all windows games without problems. The resolution may be low, that’s the only flaw I can pick out right now, but technically this is a superior VR as it’s completely wireless, unlike the Oculus and Vive The games I tested were: (In order of worst to best, all the pics clicked from my phone/PC)

Witcher 3 : Looks gorgeous as it should, but this VR method doesn’t do it justice, i’ll watch it on a regular screen instead.

NFS Rivals : The feeling of speed isn’t all that good when you aren’t paying any money for it.

FIFA 15/16 : I suggest you look downwards and play this one, you’ll feel like you’re the manager of the team sitting high in the stands.


DiRT 3/Rally : Use driver cam and enjoy, place a table fan in front of you to ‘feel the wind’.

The old classic seems rejuvenated thanks to VR.

The old classic seems rejuvenated thanks to VR.

Half Life 2 : This is how all FPS games should be played. I may play HL2 all over again on Trinus VR.

The way it's meant to be played. Everything ran smoothly on my Nexus 5.

The way it’s meant to be played. Everything ran smoothly on my Nexus 5.

Battlefield 3 : I find a pattern that VR games are best suited for First Person Shooters.

This is larger than IMAX.

This is larger than IMAX.

Plus also note that this puts any window onto your phone screen which includes your image viewer and media player. So now you can watch you bluray movies on cardboard too! Great ain’t it? So follow my steps and tell your friends that you are rich enough to have a wireless VR setup, I bet your friends will be amazed by the power of software over hardware. Stay tuned to Asidcast for all things VR.

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