• Friday The 13th Recommendation: Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion

    Friday The 13th Recommendation: Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion0

    Both the descriptions and the trailers for this game make it clear that this game is not what it seems. One might go in expecting it to underwhelm, much like any old “retro” game or FNAF ripoff. But Spooky’s is gameplay and comedy genius in its own right. The merits of this game are quite

  • 7Review: Shadow Warrior 2

    Review: Shadow Warrior 20

    Shadow Warrior 2 is an FPS developed by Flying Wild Hog Games, who also made a reboot of the classic Shadow Warrior. A fast paced shooter which highly emphasizes gameplay, Shadow Warrior 2 has some visceral moments, coupled with great level design, although it falters in terms of animation and story. The optimization of this

  • 7Review: Unbox

    Review: Unbox0

    How many of you guys like Mario? By which I don’t mean the age-old Super Mario Bros. you played on your fake NES. How many of you loved the 3-Dimensional Mario of the N64 and Gamecube era? Unbox is a lot like that. I remember playing Super Mario 64, and being wowed by a ‘level

  • 8Review: Hyper Light Drifter

    Review: Hyper Light Drifter0

    14. That’s the number of new swear words I invented while playing Hyper Light Drifter. This game is frustratingly tough indeed at times, but is not unfair. Sometimes there maybe way too many enemies, more than your mind could process, but it’s just another obstacle that can be tackled. I completed this game, and so can

  • 8Review: SUPERHOT

    Review: SUPERHOT5

    Superhot is a game I was waiting to play for some time now, having already played the beta version. It had one of the most innovative gameplay elements in FPS gaming, time moves when you do. Seems simple enough now, but why hadn’t anyone tried it? FPS games kept getting faster and louder, this one was

  • 8Review: XCOM 2

    Review: XCOM 20

    There is a question that every artist has to ask himself at one point in his life- do I keep true to a time-tested formula, or do I try to innovate? There is no right answer to this, and most game developers try to stay somewhere between the extremes. Experimenting with a genre is risky,