Beyond Infinity – ASUS goes down to TNC After an Amazing run at the TI 6 SEA Open Qualifiers #2

Beyond Infinity – ASUS goes down to TNC After an Amazing run at the TI 6 SEA Open Qualifiers #2

After crashing out of the first Open Qualifiers against Team Mineski, a rejuvenated Beyond Infinity, the ex-Elunes roster re-branded under a new owner created history and became the first ever Indian team to reach the finals of the prestigious TI 6 SEA Open Qualifiers #2, thus registering the biggest impression any Indian roster ever made in the international DotA circuit. The dream run however, came to an end after BI were stumped by TNC, who since the beginning were favorites for the complete tourney.


Team Elunes, as they were called before had made strides in the domestic scene winning tournaments after tournaments and having some sort of second position curse against the then Team NeckBreak, currently called as Invisible Wings. It is however, their current stint at Beyond Infinity that has bought them various accolades, both in the regional as well as the international circuit. After striking gold at the SEA Kappa Invitational (which is still going on) as well as registering a comfortable victory on home soil at Havoked, a tourney in Pune, they have now made their deepest impact by accomplishing this milestone. To understand the extent of this achievement, out of 1024 teams in SEA, they have stood 2nd. Pretty cool? Yes.

Beyond Infinity sailed through the sea of BO1s, which always is a tricky trade. One of their games caught the attention of many as they did an amazing comeback, of whose video you can check out right here. ASidCast wishes the best for Beyond Infinity and all more that it to come! Oh and before I forget, shoutout to ClouDx from the community for sticking up those cups of coffee and keeping his marathon stream up for the fans!


PS: Invisible Wings also had an amazing run in the SEA Open Qualifiers #2 which came to an end after a rather long match up against Assail in a BO1, who later went on to lose against BI in the semi-finals. Oh how amazing it would’ve been had IW won that too.

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