Bethesda defends $60 Price Tag for ‘Skyrim’ Remastered

Bethesda defends $60 Price Tag for ‘Skyrim’ Remastered

Bethesda will soon publish a reworked version of Skyrim, to be known as Skyrim Remastered. But this remastered version of Skyrim will apparently cost $60. Yes, you read that right. $60.


This pricing has been strongly criticized by Skyrim fans, many of whom say that the game is overpriced.

A fan tweeted to Bethesda vice president Pete Hines and said that he will not purchase a remastered version for $60 just to relish its polished graphics.Hines responde, saying the remastered version is “a full game [with] all DLC and mod support and updated graphics running on two new consoles. If you don’t want that, don’t buy it.”

Many of us fans believe that $60 is the price tag for a full game and that it’s too much for a remastered version. There are many other such remastered versions of games available for less than $60, which also offer additional upgrades. With that being said, there are still many fans who are excited to play the game on PS4 and Xbox One, and might be willing to pay the full price. But we’ll have to wait and watch how much this pricing choice affects the sales.

Skyrim Remastered will be available in stores from 26th of October.




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  • Dizzle

    So tell me what remastered game has also brought mod support to console? Oh yeah..NONE. So this statement “There are many other such remastered versions of games available for less than $60, which also offer additional upgrades.” is invalid as fuck. There are infact no other such remasters.

    • TheChosen

      That´S wrong sir. A mod is something you can CHANGE via Mouse/Keyboard later. To your needs. The PS4/Xbox One “Mods” cannot be changed. You just download some custom Textures etc and that´s it. And you are very limited in how much of them you can use at once.

      • Dizzle

        Sorry to burst your bubble but the mods on xbox one fallout 4 do more than “custom Textures etc and that´s it.” There are also mods that change game mechanics, new missions and stories as well as new entities and weapons. You really need to learn the definition of mod i.e. modification. If my game is doing something that it was not originally intended to do becasue it has been “modified” externally then that sire is a “mod”. As for the limit, you are correct. 2gb of content.

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