Articuno And Moltres Finally Found In POKEMON GO!

Articuno And Moltres Finally Found In POKEMON GO!

Articuno is one of few monsters you can’t currently catch. It has remained unobtainable. Until now. Well, Maybe.

Niantic had kept the three legendary birds under lockdown, and apparently one (or two?) of them flew out. Many players in Pokemon GO found their beloved gyms captured by a majestic creature, an ice cold Articuno.

It has spawned in Ohio, of all places. Good god. There’s video proof, which was shared last night to a Dayton Area Pokémon Go! Facebook group:

Probably the first time they were happy to see someone else capture their gym. They reported the sighting all over the internet, and the internet asked the owner “How do you have that Pokemon?” along with people screaming “HAX!”, “U SUCK”, “FAKE!”

But to our disbelief, it indeed is true.

She is one lucky girl.

She is one lucky girl.

According to the owner of the Articuno, she received Articuno as some sort of “apology” from Niantic:

“Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds! I was simply gifted a Articuno by Niantic – everything about it is legit! I really hope Niantic sees all the hype around this and confirms its legitimacy! All I can say is that it is obviously a promo Poke to stir up hype, and that happened in no time! I had Articuno in a gym tonight, but it just got beat! It is not unbeatable, thats for sure! Just super awesome….! It is what it is! Go Team Mystic!”

Articuno, Where you at, Man?

“I have no idea why Niantic decided to give me an Articuno, but I surely do have one! Pretty amazing and I can’t wait for Niantic to confirm its legitimacy, but it doesn’t really matter…it can’t be fake when people are battling it in a gym! It is what it is!…and it was obviously a promo to stir up hype, and it obviously has done that in no time at all!…and it wasn’t b/c of a ‘late response’… i had emailed them with a question on day 1 of release and they just emailed me back tonight stating they were gifting me with it!..and i’ll be darned – it was right there in my pokedex!”

Oh legendary birds... Be mine.

Oh legendary birds… Be mine.

Someone else also claims to have received a Moltres in a similar fashion, but no one has seen nearly as much evidence on that so far. In any case, we should take this with a grain of salt for the time being until we hear official word from Niantic. Another thing worth keeping in mind is that the latest update to Pokémon GO contains a glitch where you could catch a Pokémon, but it turns out being another one instead. For example, you catch a Caterpie, but end up with a Charizard. Some people may have just gotten too lucky to get a Moltres or Articuno that way, I guess.

Ask them and you shall receive.

Ask them and you shall receive.

So the only way to get a legendary bird is to apparently just ask Niantic via email, and hope to god they’ll gift you back.
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  • Exare

    I’m happy for this person, but really Niantic? How is this fair? Who knows what issues she had but I’ve lost real world dollars to this game because of Incense and Lucky Eggs running out when the servers went down and I haven’t received any sort of compensation. They literally stole my money. My faith in them as a developer is dwindling fast, especially after the 0.31 update where they removed important features from an already bare bones grindy game. Losing the nearby tracking has made the game totally random and removed a lot of it’s fun factor. Then when fans stepped up to take matters into their own hands they dumped all over Pokevision and similar services with threats of a lawsuit? Oh boy… talk about appreciating fan feedback and embracing your community. Yikes.

    Oh let’s not forget them nixing the “Nice!” toss bonus XP and making the grind even worse.

    I’ve been reading a lot of horror stories from old Ingress players about Niantic recently. Mostly about how they communicated with the community and listened to people’s feature/quality of life requests (they didn’t). It’s like these guys have an idea of how they want their games to be and that’s that, forget anybody else and never mind feedback. They are known for ignoring fan issues or requests. Apparently with Pokemon GO they just shove Legendary’s at them and hope they shut up. GG.

  • Already commented on by Niantic as fake/not legit.

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