An Advent Of Things To Come

An Advent Of Things To Come

Last year has been pleasantly surprising for us. We recovered well from losing most of our data from the previous year and we’re already breaking monthly viewership records months into our recovery. Unfortunately, our leader got abducted by Nvidia and hasn’t really had the time to invest in the website with his above-average 6/10 writing skillz. However, that bad piece of news was compensated with the fact that we successfully conducted several small scale events offline across India which gave us a lot of first hand experience of the industry and let us meet a lot of you who actually *gasp* read what we write.
(Where do you guys even get the time?)

2017 however, is going to be a crazy fun year for us.

(This post is a few months late.)

When we started Asidcast in 2013, the idea was, to put it bluntly, talk about the things we love that weren’t being talked about enough. For the most part, that hasn’t changed. But we’ve also started to do things physically- in the form of events, and we like doing that so it’s going to be something we conduct across various locations in India. What kind of events? We have a plan to start small and with only 2-3 focus cities in mind. For the most part, the events will be tightly knit community hosted events, because we’ll be doing things that are experimental in nature for the most part.

That being said, we’re not abandoning our writing roots anytime soon. We actually plan to go bigger, get more writers in our team, fill up all our 4 categories (Yes, we’ve 4 categories) with competent writers and actually have a weekly quota of articles that we need to fulfill each week, to make sure we’re on our ultimate goal of… we’re not supposed to talk about that yet. While Aman won’t be joining us anytime soon in writing articles, he’s here with us in spirit (we’ve him popping in chat every now to talk about how we don’t work). Our order of business also includes revamping some of our website and Facebook page branding, both of which are going to be our main focus for the rest of this year. We have plans to starting something on YouTube because there seems to be a serious lack of Indian content in that area of the internet, while most of the attention is diverted to the whole “live streaming” side of things.

Getting back to our writing agenda, the objective at the end of the day is to inform people about the things that are happening in the grassroots levels of the pop culture world of India. From writing about video games, to comic book events, we plan to get our hands dirty with as many things as possible, to give out as much content as possible for readers to consume. A page dedicated to the team shall be created in the next few days (months). We plan to stick with a core team that won’t be replaced anytime soon. The idea is to create a core bunch of people who stick together for an extended period of time to, as we like to say in our team meetings, analyze, criticize and contemplate the shit out of the industry, everything in and around it. We definitely plan to pick up our pace when it comes to the frequency and consistency of our articles, that are generally uniform in nature. As you can imagine, we’ll try to get to the point as fast as possible because we don’t have enough time on our hands to write fluff and we don’t really want you to read any either.

So yes, adieu for now but do expect more to come towards you shortly from all of us at Asidcast 🙂

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  • Saurabh Charde

    ASidCast YouTube? Sounds cool.

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    Nice talk, now lets back it with some walk.

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