A Review of Nvidia’s 10 Gaming Event

A Review of Nvidia’s 10 Gaming Event

Alright, I’m aware of how fucking late this is. But, I’ve been unwell thanks to some beef strips lathered with ghost chilly which made my stomach feel like a battle stage for Nintendo’s smash bros. I mistook my doc’s prescription of medicine with a bottle full of Captain Morgan and before you know a week has passed since I went to Nvidia’s 10 gaming live event. I don’t even know why I’m doing this.

Talking about the event itself, I went to the Nvidia office in Nagavara (Which translates to “The asshole of Bangalore”) on a hot Saturday and was immediately greeted with gollum in glasses – Aman Biswas. It was quite a weird situation considering he was the one who roped me into writing for this site. The event was hosted by cosplayer Niha Novacaine who, contrary to her outfit, seemed every bit unprepared for the occasion. I wouldn’t blame her though, it seemed like the script was written in the last hour and handed over to her after Gollum ate away the original one.


The main goal was to test the power of GTX 1080. There were several games available to play like Doom, The Division, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Since the guy playing Doom wouldn’t budge, I decided to try out The Division first. At least I thought I would, but the loading screen seemed to be just as adamant. So much for that. Things were fine once the game loaded however there were surprisingly noticeable frame drops. It was when I switched to Doom I could see the performance of GTX 1080 in a positive light. The game moved flawlessly in a frenetic pace that’d have you more hooked than a shot of cocaine. I was later told that The Division was performing at 4K with anti-aliasing setting on, so maybe the performance issues could be attributed to bad optimization on Ubisoft’s part. (Which isn’t a far-fetched thought).


Project Ansel lets you capture in-game shots and view them in 360°. It allows you to take HD resolution image screenshots and adjust them later on for viewing in 360° on your mobile. This lets you share your proudest moments in gaming with your friends, giving them the fullest experience of your successful endeavor in that pigeon dating-sim game. But, my favourite part of the event was the custom modding of PC rigs as demonstrated by Foxmybox. This guy works magic around PC rigs. There was a customized Captain America rig that shined with all the gleaming might of a true patriot that could in no way be a Hydra agent.


I then tried the Project Cars VR experience that came with the entire driving set-up. What I assumed to be a gimmick turned out to be anything but. The set-up reacted to every movement seamlessly and was incredibly sensitive. It offered all the fun of real-life driving… meaning it wasn’t fun at all as I tried my best to get the car off the audience booth.

Then there was the VR experience, three in all. However, one of them wasn’t working. The other one involved a set of mini-games ranging from basketball to archery. This was a blast to try out, especially the games involving guns and archery. You can really channel your inner Clint Eastwood as you swirl the gun around in your hands and shoot the targets with all the style of a cheesy 90s action hero. The archery bit was the one that impressed me the most. I could feel the tension of drawing the bow, which is funny because I wasn’t really holding a bow. I guess the visuals were enough to trick my mind. The other VR was an Everest trek. It was breath-taking to watch myself fly over the mountain. Like the movie of the same name, there is a moment where you are to walk over a ladder on a crevice. That definitely was frightening to someone like me who’s terrified by heights. However, the fear faded with the first step as I could feel the solid ground beneath me. So, there are limitations to the VR experience. Still, It didn’t stop me from walking out of the testing arena with the headset on.


It was pretty small event, which is good because there were plenty of goof-ups that would be severely damaging on a larger scale. Also, there are only so many people you’d want dead at the venue due to food poisoning. The food served was just the pits. I had to head out mid-way for some other place to eat, which was an even worse decision as it ties straight into that ghost chilly story. With a stomach that was eating me up from the inside, I had to unfortunately leave before the final tournament of the Overwatch. All in all, a pretty neat event that worked better than it should have thanks to the fact that it was organized by people who were actually passionate about gaming. I’m confident though that things will smoothen out as time progresses.

Disclaimer: Aman Biswas works at Nvidia now and this article was written independently of him.

No Gollums were harmed in the making of this article.

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