Archeage Launch Date And Open Beta Details Revealed

Trion and XLGAMES have officially announced that ArcheAge will launch on Tuesday, September 16! The ultimate sandbox RPG’ is set to feature both Free to play model(with some limitations) and  a paid model.

But before the launch date itself a massive open beta is planned, from the 4th to 9th of September, so we can fully check out all the features of the title without any restrictions. Also for those who’d opt to buy the founder’s pack for this game would get a 4 day head start before the official launch, you know, so one can finally have the world’s biggest virtual cow farm with the help of a little head start! arc

We’re definitely looking forward to checking out the open beta and will be posting some first impressions and opinions before the launch date, so you guys can decide whether this MMO is worth your hard earned loot or not.

How many people are excited for this unique upcoming MMO? Anyone who plans to join the open beta? Comment below, and maybe we’ll meet up in the game.. work on that virtual cow farm.

Written by: Rohit Singh Chauhan

A student of architecture, also a songwriter/musician along with sketch artist, gamer, tech enthusiast and now also a bit of a writer. Die hard fan of almost all forms of rock and old school RPGs,