YouPorn Making An Entry Into E-Sports?

Remember when we said YouPorn wanted to sponsor a Dota 2 or Lol team? It seems like their plans went through. According to YouPorn’s Twitter profile, a contract has been drafted and a deal’s on it’s way soon.

And it also seems like people are taking this in a very good way indeed with positive reception from most people about the whole rather unexpected turn of events. 

And further expansion into the gaming industry seems to be on their list of things to do.  


The e-sports community for the most part seems to be onboard with the whole idea even though there are a few who are opposing the whole thing. As for me, I’m quite interested to see how things turn out since this is definitely not something that happens everyday. YouPorn in their original statement were also wondering about sponsoring professional Hearthstone players, maybe that’s still on the board too? Only time will tell it seems.


Written by: Aman Biswas

Aman has a radiant glow after he acquired the One Ring in Shadow of Mordor and now rules over the lands. Other than walking into Mordor, he's also into video games and writing about video games and does a lot of stuff related to video games.