The Original Darksiders Is Coming To Linux & SteamOS

From the looks of things, the guys over at Nordic Games had their hands full for the last few days since it seems like the original Darksiders game might be making its way over to Linux and SteamOS. The coming of Darksiders on Linux and SteamOS was revealed by 

@darksiders for #Linux/#SteamOS is what I’ve been working on recently at @NordicGamesAT.

— Leszek Godlewski (@TheIneQuation) July 11, 2014

Darksiders, originally subtitled Wrath of War, is an action-adventure hack and slash video game developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ. After THQ filed for bankruptcy, the Darksiders IP went to Nordic Games who have already stated that future Darksiders game is definitely a possibility if nothing else. 

Written by: Aman Biswas

Aman has a radiant glow after he acquired the One Ring in Shadow of Mordor and now rules over the lands. Other than walking into Mordor, he's also into video games and writing about video games and does a lot of stuff related to video games.