She Got Game: A Documentary Celebrating Women In Gaming

“A celebration of women in the gaming world through the eyes of a young woman interviewing developers, gamers, cosplayers and more!”

She Got Game is a documentary in the making, about not only female video game developers and competitive gamers, but about the gaming industry and community as a whole, and of course, the female members of said community. A project by Cailleah Scott-Grimes, a self-proclaimed “perpetual asker of questions” and “gaming noob”, she sets out to make a movie on women somewhat similar to herself, but want “art, music, storytelling and drama, all in one”. This movie is all about celebrating women who love, play and develop video games.

Cailleah Scott-Grimes

Cailleah Scott-Grimes

Now, this might seem like a bit of a typically worn-out topic for any audio-visual project at this point, but I assure you, watching the Kickstarter promo for this film will definitely change your mind. Hosted by a person who is new to video gaming herself, one of the missions of She Got Game is not just to appeal to existing gamers but encourage newly interested people of different ages and sexes to take up an interest in the medium. It explores not just women’s place in gaming, or the overall exclusionist attitude that some people are faced with in the community, but also questions such as how video games affect people’s lives, several broad aspects of fan-culture and so much more.

She Got Game is a crowd-funded documentary project and has gotten off to a good start on Kickstarter. The pledge goal for She Got Game is $10,000 and I would definitely encourage those of you who want to see such a broad viewed and innovative film to support the Kickstarter campaign.

You can also follow their Facebook, Twitter and most importantly their Youtube to stay updated on the documentary.

Written by: Adriana Eternity Hazra

Having owned consoles from NES onwards, Adriana is a loyal Nintendo fan who tries to keep up with console, handheld and PC gaming alike. She's a writer and a Media student with a lifelong passion for gaming and Otaku culture.