Guise Of The Wolf Devs Email TotalBiscuit, Threatening Him After He Criticizes Their Game

FUN Creators, developers of Guise Of The Wolf replied to an email from TotalBiscuit, in which he asked them to remove the strike they put on his video in which he criticized their game. A screenshot of the exchange has started floating around the internet and explains the situation pretty well.

In other words, they’re pretty much threatening to take him to court over his video in which he reviews their game.

FUN Creators have of course, been denying that they’re behind the copyright strike claims. They posted on a Steam forum stating that they acknowledge that TB has the right to express his opinions and it’s better for them to try and improve the game rather than take down negative videos concerning them.

They’ve also tweeted asking TB not to play “Photoshop games”. However, TotalBiscuit’s PR, Christian, uploaded a video proving the legitimacy of the email  and that it was indeed sent by Fun Creators themselves.

Later, the VP of Maker Studios tweeted to confirm that the video was, in fact, taken down by FUN Creators.

So it seems like the good guys over at FUN Creators either do not know what they’re doing or… Nope, I’m pretty sure at this point that they have no clue what they’re upto. In the meantime, I’m going to follow this story and update it if necessary.

As Angry Joe put it

As Angry Joe put it


So it seems like the guys over at FUN Creators aren’t afraid of TotalBiscuit or his “little youtube channel”. They’ve gone ahead to send John Blain AKA TotalBiscuit another email asking him to close down his channel and delete his tweets. They also stated that if he tweeted the email, they’d claim it as a fake. They’re apparently not afraid of getting lawyers involved and suing him if it comes to that.


Written by: Adriana Eternity Hazra

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