Alleged Leaked Footage of GTA V On PC Taken Down By Take 2 Games

If you haven’t already heard, there was an leaked footage of GTA V allegedly running on PC recently, which most people thought was fake. I say “was” because the footage was taken down not so long ago due to copyright claims by Take 2 Games and this is where the whole thing gets interesting. The video in question is the one below:

The first and basic question here is, why would Take 2 Games bother to take down this particular video whereas there are several other alleged videos of GTA V running on PC. The other question would be, why is the video named “”IMG_0373.m…”? The latter question might seem redundant or it might even sound like a joke but it isn’t, what I’m trying to say is, why would someone upload an alleged video of the game running on PC and name it something which will obviously never come up on the YouTube Search Filters, it honestly doesn’t make any sense.

There have been several rumours going around lately which state that the PC version of GTA V would be coming out sometime during March. However, I didn’t want to report on something like that since rumours of a PC version of GTA V have been circulating the internet since it’s launch. But this particular incident makes the whole thing a lot more suspicious, to say the least. Everything being said though, I’d take the entire news with a grain of salt, as this is still not confirmation for a PC release of the game.

Written by: Aman Biswas

Aman has a radiant glow after he acquired the One Ring in Shadow of Mordor and now rules over the lands. Other than walking into Mordor, he's also into video games and writing about video games and does a lot of stuff related to video games.