‘Get Even’ Trailer Reaction And Expectations

The Farm 51’s Get Even just dropped a bomb with this teaser trailer.

I’ll be honest, so far I really hadn’t being that impressed by the 8th Gen games but upon viewing this trailer, I was dumbstruck! Part of this trailer was live-action but I was seriously unable to differentiate between what was computer generated and what was real. Boy, am I excited. I know that this is only a teaser trailer but if the game turns out to be as visually stunning as that, I’ll be saying goodbye to whatever social life I have. And the thing is probably that all the games come mid 2014 will look like that and let’s not forget that the premise of the game looks really intriguing as well.

The game is being developed by The Farm 51 and is expected to be released somewhere around 2015 for PS4, Xbox One & PC. It’s being described as a next-gen FPS which will merge single player and multiplayer experience giving a linked storyline.

According to nerdreactor.com the game includes elements of thriller, horror and exploration, the game deals with memories of the protagonists and player’s decisions will decide the protag’s personality and the storyline of the game.

Also, the most interesting thing here is that players can join another person’s single-player campaign as enemies, thus making difficulty level dynamic and highly unpredictable.

This game looks really promising and is certainly going in my list of the most anticipated games. Time to usher in the next-gen!

Sources: Kotaku, nerdreactor.

*Will keep updating as more information becomes available and this year’s E3 will be something to really look forward to!

Written by: Sunny Das

Sunny is from Guwahati, Assam. Doing graduation in Zoology, he loves reading novels and manga, a console gamer since the age of 5, Loves watching Anime, Movies and Tv Shows. Also, He is the Admin of Guwahati Anime Club (GAC)