Black Ops 3 Details Leak: Possible Release Date, Gamplay Images, Zombie Mode Poster & Beta!

Well that didn’t take long, below you can see a picture of Black Ops 3’s preorder poster. The game if you remember has only been teased so far and doesn’t even have proper trailer. @charlieINTEL Black Ops 3 release date leaked + Beta! — Motions (@Motions0) April 24, 2015 Motions0 confrims that this was taken from […]

2 hours ago by Soham Pradhan
Paid mods: Amazing Idea on Paper, Terrible in Application

When I first heard about Steam supporting paid mods, I was kind of optimistic, however it’s becoming more and more obvious as each minute passes on how this can be a terrible trend developing in the industry that is just not required. Like quite a few ideas, paid mods seem really great on paper and […]

8 hours ago by Aman Biswas
Capcom Trademarks “Capcom Fighters Network” – A Social Gaming Hub Maybe?

Capcom has trademarked “Capcom Fighters  Network” which could well turn out to be a dedicated Social Gaming Hub for gamers as reported by Eventhubs.   The trademark as stated above can be used for either of the two things stated below. A possible computer program to enable for uploading, accessing, posting, displaying, tagging, blogging, linking, sharing […]

1 day ago by Soham Pradhan
Bloodborne’s Patch Resolves Excruciating Loading Times

Bloodborne, the next generational masterpiece was hailed as a phenomenal entry to the Playstation Gallery and at the same time criticised for it’s technical shortcomings, the major complaint being the excruciatingly long loading times spanning over 1 minute and sometimes even more. Patch 1.03 is now out and after being tested it seems the loading times […]

1 day ago by Soham Pradhan
Steam Adds Paid Mod Support For Workshop!

This is HUGE! It seems like Steam really wants to support the modding community and has gone and started a way to support modders in the Steam community by enabling paid mods. Introducing New Ways to Support Workshop Creators The Steam Workshop has always been a great place for sharing mods, maps, and all kinds […]

2 days ago by Aman Biswas
Why Mad Max Needs Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System

Mad Max already looks like it’s going to be an amazing game, at least if we are to believe what we saw in the gameplay trailer anyway, but you know what would make it even better? The Nemesis System that made Shadow of Mordor the unexpected hit it is today! Honestly though, Mad Max’s world, […]

2 days ago by Aman Biswas
The Top 5 PS4 Games You Have To Play In 2015

So the first quarter of the year is officially over. The first 2 months of this year gave us games like Axiom Verge, The Order 1886, Hand of Fate and Bloodbourne. But its not going to compare to the carnage which will be the summer and then Christmas of 2015. With all the blockbusters coming […]

2 days ago by Ayush Chauhan
Mad Max Finally Gets A Gameplay Trailer And It’s Nothing Less Than Awesome!

After all the waiting, it seems like it was completely worth it. We finally get a glimpse of what the Mad Max game is going to be like and for the most part, it blew our minds. The game seems to have customizable cars, amazing Batman Arkham styled combat but even more brutal, and there […]

2 days ago by Aman Biswas
GTA V Puts Big Numbers On PC as It Dominates The Steam Charts

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been hailed as a worthy wait for most PC gamers with reviews and word of mouth about the game ranging from staggering to phenomenal. Optimised to the brink that a Dual Core does not shy away from running it at a stable 30 FPS! It’s absolutely no wonder that the game has been raking […]

3 days ago by Soham Pradhan
Indian Parents: Educate Yourself & Stop Letting Your Kids Play M-Rated Games

With Grand Theft Auto 5 finally releasing on PC, and considering most gamers in India are PC gamers, it’s inevitable to see that a lot of children getting excited for a game that’s clearly not meant for them. And while I agree that some kids are mature enough to play mature games just like a […]

3 days ago by Aman Biswas