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Fable Legends Going To Be Free To Play
by Karan Kalra

Fable Legends – the asymmetric four versus one game is going to be a free to play online RPG. The Windows 10 and Xbox One cross play compatible game pits four heroes against a villain whose job is to stop them with the monsters he can spawn. The game will be going to adopt the […]

Game ratings And Parents
by Ayush Chauhan

Recently, it was announced that the new Batman game : Arkham Knight, would be rated M. The reasons for that rating is a topic for a discussion in itself. But it got me thinking, about how relevant game ratings are. Do we as parents and gamers give them enough importance? So I was at Landmark […]

The Order 1886: Is It Too Short?
by Ayush Chauhan

The Order 1886 released on the PS4 this Friday. Its a PS4 exclusive developed by Ready At Dawn and Santa Monica Studios. Its published by Sony and has had a decent publicity and media budget. The game is set in an alternate history Victorian Era London. At some point in human evolution, some of them […]

Anime Review : Hanasaku Iroha
by Mayank Das

Have you ever had that moment when you feel a lot of emotion going through your head; a feeling you get when you have just finished watching an brilliantly wonderful anime. This anime, Hanasaku Iroha, is an anime that makes you feel that way.   Episodes: 26 Status: Finished Airing Aired: Apr 3, 2011 to […]

Steam Greenlights Underworld Ascendant In a Week
by Punyesh Kumar

So…., Underworld Ascendant has been Greenlit on Steam. That was fast, I think I just saw it open just a few days ago. Hmm.  Apparently they’ve also passed the 9,000 backers milestone. Underworld Ascendant is a next-generation sequel to the infamous dungeon crawler fantasy RPGs Ultima Underworld & Ultima Underworld 2. Ascendant hopes to modernizes the series’ visuals and user […]

Leviathan’s In The Old City : We Interview PostMod Softworks
by Punyesh Kumar

So.., this was a long time coming. I recently (kinda) sat down (kinda) with Blaine Bowen of PostMod Softworks to talk about their title The Old City: Leviathan, one of our last year favorites. If you’ve played The Old City find this interview quite interesting and perhaps even informative as we even talk about “what […]

Nvidia Reverts Decision To Remove Overclocking From Notebooks
by Karan Kalra

Nvidia have been making pretty stupid decisions as of late. The uproar for the memory issue in the GTX 970 was just about calming down when Nvidia announced that overclocking GPUs in notebooks was not a “feature” but rather a “bug” and removed the ability to overclock mobile GPU through an update. This led to […]

Meet The Indies Behind Dropout Games
by Vishesh Chopra

Even though people idolize dropouts like Gates and Jobs, actually dropping out of college and pursuing a startup, especially in a country like India, is no joke. Forget the ostracization, if you fail in your venture you can’t even go back, unlike other western countries.  And yet, here we are, interviewing game designer Ankush Madad, […]

Pokken Tournament Trailer Released
by Adriana Eternity Hazra

Bandai Namco just started streaming the trailer for the arcade combat game Pokken Tournament today! Pokken Tournament will feature both single player mode and an online mode and are to feature Lucario, Machamp, Gardevoir, Suicune, and Pikachu as playable characters. The arcade game made by Nintendo in collaboration with Bandai Namco is set to release in […]

Dying Light Review – Better Than Dead
by Punyesh Kumar

Dying Light is the latest zombie survival game from Techland, the creators of the original Dead Island and the company with the worst trailer-to-game ration of awesomeness. First things first, let’s get this out-of-the-way. Dying Light is a good game, it is unfortunately not as good as it thinks it is. As far as open […]