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Cool Japan Fund Inc. invests for developing Anime and Manga outside Japan
by Urmi

Cool Japan Fund Inc. said on Monday that it will invest up to 450 million yen (about US $3.7 million) in Kadokawa Corporation‘s projects to develop content creators for anime and manga outside Japan. Kadokawa already operates a school for manga and anime artists in Taiwan, along with a card game illustration course in a polytechnic school […]

Noragami gets a 2nd season!
by Urmi

Noragami gets a season 2 !! Noragami  has been green-lit. The May issue of Kodansha‘s Monthly Shonen Magazine has announced Anime Series Noragami will  have its Second season. The new season will reunite the staff and cast from the first season based on Adachitoka‘s manga: Director:Kotaro Tamura Series Composition:Deko Akao Character Design:Toshihiro Kawamoto Animation Production:BONES Hiroshi Kamiyaas Yato Maaya […]

How To League Of Legends: The Basics
by Karan Kalra

With the Season 5 of League Of Legends in full swing and the meta looking well and stable, all players would be aiming to increase their ranks, to get that Diamond border you always aimed for. To help you guys along the path, we bring you a few tips that can improve your gameplay and […]

Top 6 Reasons Why Online Multiplayer Gets The Finger
by Punyesh Kumar

If you know me, and I’m pretty sure you don’t. I like my games like I like my relationships, single player with me left playing with myself (did I say “with”, oh how rude of me.) Online multiplayer is, at its root not a bad idea, I mean as long as you don’t think about […]

Magicka 2 Gets A Game of Thrones Themed Trailer Along With A Release Date
by Aman Biswas

I’m starting to love Paradox Interactive, I’ve been playing Cities: Skylines for some time now and seem to be enjoying it quite a bit and now they’ve released a “Release Date Reveal Trailer” for Magicka 2 and in 60 FPS no less which is themed around the Game of Thrones intro!  However, while I do […]

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Launches on PC – Lacking Multiplayer & Other Features
by Soham Pradhan

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round launched yesterday on PC with what can qualify as a debacle launch for Tecmo Koei’s popular franchise. The PC version lacks these features to speak according to the official website – Online Multiplayer, Steam achievements, Incompatibility of gamepads  Visuals akin to that of the Ps3 version No Soft Engine (which made […]

Halo 5 Guardians Gets Two Trailers – Release Date Announced
by Soham Pradhan

The reveal trailers (live action) of Halo 5 Guardians are finally here.   In this first trailer Jameson Locke is seen walking towards the woefully wounded Master Chief pointing a gun at him uttering these few words in the process – All hail the conquering hero. Let us remember him as our protector, and not the […]

Killing Floor 2 Gameplay Demo – Looks, Plays & Sounds “Bloody” Glorious
by Soham Pradhan

Killing Floor was a smash hit on Steam when it hit the scene way back in 2009 and still peaks in players in thousands thanks to its dedicated community who still churn out mods and in-game levels supplementing the continued support of the developers at Tripwire Interactive. There’s a silver lining to Killing Floor’s formula – Work […]

Anime Review: Tokyo Ghoul  √A
by Urmi

Episodes: 12 Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Fantasy, Drama, Action. Yet another smacking series ends for now. Kaneki’s determination to protect his loved ones turns out to be a sweet and bitter mix of sorrow, that like the first season, makes his fans wait eagerly for a season 3 to come. Strange murders are happening in Tokyo. […]

Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin Update Incoming – Is A Paid DLC
by Punyesh Kumar

The discussions about the new Dark Souls update thingy boils down to three things. Thing 1. People like free things. Thing 2. They don’t feel the same way about not free things. Thing 3. They REALLY don’t feel the same way about not-free things they’ve already paid for once. I know right? People..[sigh]. Dark Souls […]