Downward – Jesus Christ Parkour

With the flurry of games nowadays containing parkour, which is effectively fancy running and jumping (except somehow more dangerous and stupid) we are now soon approaching a Parkour singularity. I know this from the same place I know all the things, the Bible, except it hath called this the Apocalypse

Batman: Arkham Knight – Gameplay Trailer

See? Now that’s what’s called a trailer, 7 minutes of unedited (I hope) gameplay footage. It’s not that hard developers. Also, welcome back Rocksteady. I should say though, this new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight has me divided. On one hand Batman doing batman things like soaring through the air, grappling everywhere,

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Bethesda to Reveal an RPG at E3

Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference will be one of the most anticipated events to take place during E3, and we’ve just been given even more reason to be excited. Bethesda is set to announce an action game, a free-to-play game, and an RPG. That’s right, we might finally be getting a Fallout


Mortal Kombat X Review (PC)

When Mortal Kombat X came out for PC, I was very excited to go and decapitate a few body parts with my ninja fighting skills and beat the shit out of people online. However, I couldn’t go online in the beginning because the online part of Mortal Kombat X for


Hand Of Fate Review (PS4)

I came across Hand Of Fate, while I was lazily scrolling through the PlayStation Store one lazy afternoon. My first impression was that it was a card game (circa Magic The Gathering). But then I saw the trailer, which involved a guy fighting undead and lizards. I was intrigued, and


The Order 1886 review

Let’s talk about the Elephant in the room, first up. No, The Order 1886 is not a long game. But is that all which defines the Order 1886? What about the beautiful and immersive experiences, and the excellently thought out stories. And what about Werewolves and Vampires? Yes, vampires. You


Dying Light Review :: Better Than Dead

Dying Light is the latest zombie survival game from Techland, the creators of the original Dead Island and the company with the worst trailer-to-game ration of awesomeness. First things first, let’s get this out-of-the-way. Dying Light is a good game, it is unfortunately not as good as it thinks it