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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Launches on PC – Lacking Multiplayer & Other Features
by Soham Pradhan

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round launched yesterday on PC with what can qualify as a debacle launch for Tecmo Koei’s popular franchise. The PC version lacks these features to speak according to the official website – Online Multiplayer, Steam achievements, Incompatibility of gamepads  Visuals akin to that of the Ps3 version No Soft Engine (which made […]

Halo 5 Guardians Gets Two Trailers – Release Date Announced
by Soham Pradhan

The reveal trailers (live action) of Halo 5 Guardians are finally here.   In this first trailer Jameson Locke is seen walking towards the woefully wounded Master Chief pointing a gun at him uttering these few words in the process – All hail the conquering hero. Let us remember him as our protector, and not the […]

Killing Floor 2 Gameplay Demo – Looks, Plays & Sounds “Bloody” Glorious
by Soham Pradhan

Killing Floor was a smash hit on Steam when it hit the scene way back in 2009 and still peaks in players in thousands thanks to its dedicated community who still churn out mods and in-game levels supplementing the continued support of the developers at Tripwire Interactive. There’s a silver lining to Killing Floor’s formula – Work […]

Anime Review: Tokyo Ghoul  √A
by Urmi

Episodes: 12 Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Fantasy, Drama, Action. Yet another smacking series ends for now. Kaneki’s determination to protect his loved ones turns out to be a sweet and bitter mix of sorrow, that like the first season, makes his fans wait eagerly for a season 3 to come. Strange murders are happening in Tokyo. […]

Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin Update Incoming – Is A Paid DLC
by Punyesh Kumar

The discussions about the new Dark Souls update thingy boils down to three things. Thing 1. People like free things. Thing 2. They don’t feel the same way about not free things. Thing 3. They REALLY don’t feel the same way about not-free things they’ve already paid for once. I know right? People..[sigh]. Dark Souls […]

Halo Online – First Gameplay Video Of The PC Exclusive
by Punyesh Kumar

Oh!, Halo, Halo, Halo. I still can’t believe you’re here and not in a nice way. YouTube’s ‘Noble’ has quite “nobly”(I am such an idiot) released a 17-minute video that showcases all the maps, weapons, and vehicles for Halo Online. For those living under a rock, Halo Online is a Free-to-play shooter that runs on an enhanced version […]

Bioshock Infinite Fan Sequel – Acknowledged By Ken Levine
by Punyesh Kumar

Ok, saying that I’m a Bioshock fan would be an understatement, well fan of anything by ex-Looking Glass Studios Devs. So, it’s not surprising that I would check the Bioshock sub-reddit every now and then and guess what happened? A user named Dr_LaRue med posted the below image gallery on imgur and asked if the subreddit was “prepared” […]

No PC Retail Release For Batman: Arkham Knight In The UK
by Punyesh Kumar

Batman: Arkham Knight will  be a download-only title on PC in the UK, with no Retail Release, Warner Bros confirmed via VG247. There were rumours earlier this week when ShopTo stated that one of its buyers informed the retailer that Batman: Arkham Knight would not see a retail release on PC. Batman: Arkham Knight will however see both retail and digital release for PS4, […]

Future Of Net Neutrality In India – It’s Up To You
by Punyesh Kumar

Ok, before we get started, a few things. Thing 1. This is not America, the social and political climate is vastly different and there will be positive and negative consequences to both, a neutral net and one that is not. Thing 2. Despite the above we believe that Net Neutrality is extremely important because of […]

First Impressions: ASUS ROG G751 Gaming Notebook
by Akhil Singh Rawat

The ASUS ROG G751 is a powerful machine that gives you a totally new gaming experience. This gaming rig has a 4th gen Intel i7 processor, in addition to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900M series graphics chip. The 17.3-inch full HD anti-glare display with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels makes sure you have […]