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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombie Mode Trailer Leaked
by Aman Biswas

Well it seems like the upcoming game had a lot up it’s sleeve, such as zombies! Who’d have thought? Not like  Call of Duty ever had zombies before. But for the better or worse, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’s Zombie Mode trailer got leaked early today and has been popping up on YouTube every now […]

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Gets An Epic Live Action Trailer
by Aman Biswas

No matter what, we can all agree on one thing, Call of Duty knows how to market itself. Titled “Discover Your Power”, Call of Duty’s got a new live action trailer that is just full of awesomeness and epic action through and through. However, it does seem like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare might change […]

The Crew PC System Requirements Revealed
by Aman Biswas

The Crew PC system requirements were revealed by Ubisoft sometime ago, and unlike Ubisoft’s other upcoming games, The Crew doesn’t seem to require you to have a beast of a PC to run the game properly. Along with the system requirements for The Crew, Ubisoft and Nvidia teamed up to drop a GameWorks Dev Diary video featuring […]

Our Impressions of The Avengers 2 Trailer
by Akhil Singh Rawat

Before, I start writing my opinion. First thing’s first. WOW! The Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer was unveiled a few days ago and with that Marvel has proved why he is the biggest shark in the sea of entertainment. It was obvious that this movie was going to be unforgettable but the trailer itself […]

So Much Fluff: Are Video Games High Art?
by Punyesh Kumar

“We’ve been having a go at this “game journalism” thing for a while now and we believe its time for a regular feature. It’s Sunday (it’s not really Sunday, it will be starting next Sunday). If you’re reading asidcast today, you’re perhaps a bit more relaxed and don’t need to play GTA 5 to clear […]

First Impression: Constantine Episode #1
by Akhil Singh Rawat

Whoever you are I am a nasty piece of work. Ask anybody. Air date: October 24,2014 Name of the episode: Non Est Asylum Writing reviews can be difficult at times but reviewing pilot is always a arduous task and this time its non-other than our own beloved Hellblazer aka Constantine who entered the comic based […]

Assassin’s Creed Unity Will Take You From French Revolution To World War 2
by Aman Biswas

“Wait what?!” was my initial reaction. A lot of people seem pretty hyped about this new revelation of Assassin Creed Unity and it’s surprising to see that it’s not apparently a DLC. So Ubisoft just released a trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity which shows the French Revolution simulation collapsing and Arno, our french revolutionary assassin, suddenly […]

Super Cute Warcraft Figures Now Available From Funko Toys
by Karan Kalra

Pop! Vinyl’s slow war of attrition with my wallet continues with a second run of figures based on World of Warcraft – and this time, the legends of Azeroth come backed by the cutest fallen Aspect of Earth you ever did see. The Pop! Vinyl series of collectibles is recruiting heroes, villains and creatures alike […]

Warface Gets Nvidia PhysX Update
by Aman Biswas

Warface, CryTek’s free to play FPS game got a nifty update which added Nvidia’s PhysX technology and a bunch of other things from Nvidia’s GameWorks technology, if you don’t understand what all of that means, it basically made the game more sparkly for Nvidia users. According to the description on the video: CryTek has enhanced […]

TotalBiscuit and Stephen Totilo of Kotaku Talk About Ethics In Game’s Journalism
by Aman Biswas

So this is interesting and unexpected but John “Totalbiscuit” Bain got Stephen Totilo, the Editor in Chief of Kotaku to come The Table and talk about several issues that are buzzing around in the gaming industry right now such as #GamerGate, corruption in game’s media, ethics in game’s journalism, meta-critic and the current harassment against women […]

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