Xcom 2 Has Been Delayed To February 2016

In a recent post in the Xcom website, the team behind the upcoming iteration of the game has revealed that Xcom 2 has been delayed to February, 2016. The game was originally slated to release this November, 2015 exclusive to the PC platform. This is what the team had to say regarding the

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5 Anime For Newbies

Do you feel isolated when your geeky friends talk about how Armin’s scream was sweet as sin as he watched his best friend get his limbs gnawed off? Do you have awkward erections whenever you stumble across a GIF with highly (and pointlessly) detailed boobs with an unnatural sheen? Do

Who is Emily Kaldwin in Dishonored 2?

In a new interview, Harvey Smith, co-creative director at Arkane Studios, reveals what we can expect of Emily Kaldwin, the (possibly not-so) sweet girl from the original Dishonored, in Dishonored 2. Now 25 years old, Emily has grown up under (the original’s protagonist) Corvo’s tutelage, and is a badass, magic-wielding

AFK Gaming Ropes In Antec India As Sponsors

AFK Gaming acquired their second sponsor which they announced yesterday and it turned out to be Antec India. Antec currently sponsors Team Brutality and Team NeckBreak (Who disbanded their CS GO division not so long ago) in India, and this is Antec’s first foray into sponsoring a gaming organization that’s