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Trine 3 Artifacts Of Power Coming Later This Year
by Karan Kalra

Trine 3 has been announced by Frozenbyte to come out later this year thus making the game franchise into a trilogy. The last game in the Trine series came out in 2011 and a new game is a welcome addition. Trine games have you playing three heroes simultaneously, specifically the Knight, the Wizard and the […]

Modder Adds Co-op To Resident Evil: Revelations 2
by Karan Kalra

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 caused a bit of discontent when the game did not feature local co-op in its first episode, despite the game’s description stating it. Even Capcom stayed mum on the issue until the release of the game. Leaving out the malpractice, there is some good news for the owners of Resident Evil. […]

Zero Punctuation: Hatfall: A Game By Yahtzee Croshaw
by Punyesh Kumar

So, …GOTY 2015? Probably. I mean we haven’t played it, or even seen it. But probably. For those living under a rock, Yahtzee Croshaw is the famed creator of Zero Punctuation, one of the most popular and actually good video game reviews you’ll find on the internet. He’s also an author, having published 2 novels, […]

Explore An Alternate Reality in Pahelika: Revelations HD
by Prem Sylvester

Adventure games are sometimes dismissed as a dying genre, but Ironcode Gaming‘s new game(releasing today,27th February), Pahlekia: Revelations HD aims to make a splash. Touted as a first person fantasy adventure, with exploration and puzzle solving being the main focus of the game, Revelations is Ironcode’s first game on Steam. Set in an alternate reality where […]

Fable Legends Going To Be Free To Play
by Karan Kalra

Fable Legends – the asymmetric four versus one game is going to be a free to play online RPG. The Windows 10 and Xbox One cross play compatible game pits four heroes against a villain whose job is to stop them with the monsters he can spawn. The game will be going to adopt the […]

Life is strange episode 2 delayed
by Abhijeet Bezbaruah

Yes it’s sad to say but the second chapter/episode to Life Is Strange, an interactive dramatic adventure video game has been delayed. Square Enix conferred it at the release of episode one that the second episode will be delayed and the new release date will be announced at a later date.   It’s just saddening […]

Gotham Is Mine: New Arkham Knight Trailer Carries Secret Codes
by Abhijeet Bezbaruah

Rocksteady released a new  trailer called “Gotham is mine” for their upcoming title Batman Arkham Knight. But it was no simple run of the mill trailer (they never are) and before you could “Batman looks fat” people started discovering hidden codes in the video. The first one is at 0:07 reading “qeL e2uLEE2 zul2e“, next at  0:25 […]

Game Ratings And Parents
by Ayush Chauhan

Recently, it was announced that the new Batman game: Arkham Knight, would be Rated M. The reasons for that rating is a topic for a discussion in itself. But it got me thinking, about how relevant game ratings are. Do we as parents and gamers give them enough importance? So I was at Landmark recently, […]

The Order 1886: Is It Too Short?
by Ayush Chauhan

The Order 1886 released on the PS4 this Friday. Its a PS4 exclusive developed by Ready At Dawn and Santa Monica Studios. Its published by Sony and has had a decent publicity and media budget. The game is set in an alternate history Victorian Era London. At some point in human evolution, some of them […]

Anime Review : Hanasaku Iroha
by Mayank Das

Have you ever had that moment when you feel a lot of emotion going through your head; a feeling you get when you have just finished watching an brilliantly wonderful anime. This anime, Hanasaku Iroha, is an anime that makes you feel that way.   Episodes: 26 Status: Finished Airing Aired: Apr 3, 2011 to […]