Bethesda Writes A Blog Post Explaining Why They Support Paid Mods

Bethesda just released a super long blog post regarding paid mods titled “Why we’re trying paid Skyrim mods on Steam” where they try to defend and explain the ramifications of paid mods, something even we have tried to explain, however, ours was a lot more negative. The blog post in itself is super lengthy and […]

4 hours ago by Aman Biswas
An Investigation Into What Exactly Is Happening Inside Konami

So a lot of people are probably wondering, and rightly so, about what exactly Konami is upto. They’ve been on the news a lot lately but not the good kind, recently we reported on how Silent Hills got cancelled and before that how Konami removed and then reinstated Kojima’s name on the Metal Gear Solid […]

7 hours ago by Aman Biswas
Batman: Arkham Knight Will Use Character Swap Feature Similar To GTA V

We reported on how the trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight leaked a bit earlier than expected but it seems like Rocksteady still had a few surprises up their sleeve. In the trailer people will notice how Batman, Robin, Catwoman or Nightwing fight alongside each other using combos. Now a lot of people mistook this for co-op, […]

8 hours ago by Aman Biswas
DiRT Rally Announced, Gets A Trailer & Is Already Available Via Early Access

Well this came as a surprise. DiRT Rally just got announced along with a trailer via DiRT’s Facebook page and is already available for purchase via Steam Early Access. The game is currently available only on PC.   DiRT Rally – Out Now!We’re taking DiRT down a different path. We’re creating the game you’ve all […]

12 hours ago by Aman Biswas
Indian Dota 2 Servers: They Suck And Valve Isn’t Doing Anything About Them

Valve’s Dota 2 Indian servers which were announced at last year’s GameGod event have been up for some time now, 5 months to be exact, but it’s easier to play on the SEA or Singapore servers. Why? That’s because while the Indian servers might have pings of upto 30-60 ms, that doesn’t mean anything whatsoever since […]

14 hours ago by Aman Biswas
Batman: Arkham Knight Official Trailer Leaked?

Seems like the official trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight might have leaked considering the trailer isn’t from the official Batman Arkham YouTube channel but here it is for you to watch. The trailer shows several returning characters from previous Arkham games such as Robin, Catwoman, Nightwing and Azreal. Just in case the above trailer gets taken […]

17 hours ago by Aman Biswas
New Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots Beats Reality At Its Own Game

Now this is going to be a long post, mostly because the screenshots are kind of longish and hence you’ll have to scroll down a lot but trust me when I say it’s going to be worth it because these screenshots blew my mind. The screenshots were taken by a guy named YOLOLOLOLO420 on Reddit… yeah you […]

1 day ago by Aman Biswas
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Gets A Reveal Trailer & More Details Revealed

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gets the grand unveiling that everyone was waiting for and we’ve gotten everything from a reveal trailer, to system requirements for the game to screenshots to what kind of features to expect from the game, such as the campaign being a 4 player co-op storyline that you can either […]

1 day ago by Aman Biswas
Silent Hills Has Reportedly Been Cancelled [Updated]

Well this is probably not the news people were expecting to hear but I’m sure a lot of people saw it coming with the recent happenings in Konami. The news comes in the form of a tweet from TV’s Matt Hackney where he quotes Guillermo del Toro, saying that “it’s not gonna happen and that […]

1 day ago by Aman Biswas
Steins;Gate – The Sagacious Wisdom of Cognitive Computing: IBM Promo

If you have watched Steins;Gate prior, you would have noticed how the IBM-5100 played a pivotal role in the entire anime. But a 1970s device certainly  isn’t something IBM can brag about now. Especially, If you have seen their other videos or ads online. IBM clearly prides itself as a company of the future and as a […]

2 days ago by Navin Kumar