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Picto – A Game About Domestic Violence: An Exclusive Look
by Prem Sylvester

A few weeks ago, we interviewed Asar Dhandala, co-founder of Seven Summits Studios, who promised us an exclusive demo of their upcoming game. We finally got some hands-on time with the demo this week, and we are excited to share the details with our readers, along with further details provided by Pratim Basu, the artist behind […]

TOXIKK – Inspired by Arena Shooters Quake, Unreal Touranament Hits Early Access
by Soham Pradhan

Arena Shooters were a hot thing back in the 90’s. Quick reflexes and steady hands were your ally back in games such as Quake, Unreal tournament. TOXIKK now in early access is a homage to these giants in Fps genre who evolved multiplayer gaming beyond their time. Being powered by Unreal Engine 3 (isn’t that […]

You’re Going to Need New GPU’s To Get A Performace Increase Out of Directx12
by Punyesh Kumar

Microsoft, listen to me. We PC guys already hate you, you don’t have to keep lying to us. See, because unlike the console gamers, when we guys find out we can actually can take our ball and go home. Windows 10’s exclusivity for Microsoft’s new API, DirectX 12, has been known for a while now. And […]

Grow Home – Ubisoft’s new Experential Adventure
by Soham Pradhan

Yesterday Ubisoft announced a new adventure title named Grow Home (Gone Home anyone?) that is currently under development by Reflections, a Uk based Ubisoft Studio. This is a welcome change in the herd of AAA titles being pushed out  the door. The game’s two focal points are – Climbing - The world of Grow Home is […]

The Crew Gets its First Dlc – The Extreme Pack
by Soham Pradhan

Ubisoft has released the first piece of downloadable content for the inspid MMO racer The Crew. The first of four themed Car Packs, the Extreme Pack, includes three new cars and a set of exclusive cosmetic parts. NEW DLC CAR PACK Featuring three electrifying new cars, the smooth and extremely rare Aston Martin V12 Zagato, […]

Kingdom Come Deliverance – The Hundreds of Npc’s are No Ordinary Challenge
by Soham Pradhan

Kingdom Come Deliverance, the Kickstarter phenomena that gathered itself a plethora of support for its promise of a full fledged Medieval Rpg with Unique Castle Sieges and Battle Scenarios has a lot of expectations riding on it.   Talking to OnlySp, Jiří Rýdl from Warhose Studios implied that the game’s major battles will feature hundreds […]

Scalebound – “Dragons and Monsters” Is Xbox One’s Most Promising Exclusive
by Soham Pradhan

If you thought Xbox One has nothing up its sleeve well…you’d be right, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t wear socks (T). The only game that has me hooked on this early (or this late) in this console life is Scalebound. It is being touted as an Action – Adventure possibly a linear open world if everything […]

Counter Strike 1.6 and DotA 2 Tournament in Thane
by Prem Sylvester

The Zone gaming arena, Thane will hold a CS 1.6 and DotA 2 tournament on 31st January and 1st February in association with Cyber Gaming Entertainment, Abacus Peripherals Pvt Ltd. (the major Indian RAM manufacturers of ZION RAMs), and Antec. The official poster for the event, with details is as follows: Prizes will be distributed jointly by both Zion […]

Future of gaming – Windows 10 and Xbox
by Rohit Singh Chauhan

While there was a lot of cool stuff which we’ll be covering in the coming time, here’s what every gamer will want to know: Welcome the new Xbox hub A centralized gaming hub is coming to every Windows 10 device. It is a very familiar experience for those who have used an Xbox, for others, […]

Fable Legends Coming To Windows 10
by Karan Kalra

In today’s Windows 10 event, Microsoft had a little surprise for all of us when Lionhead Studios revealed that Fable Legends will making its way on to Windows 10 with full support for DX 12. Not only that, the game also comes with cross platform play which gives players on the Xbox One and the […]